More Than Beautiful Little Fools: Gender and Sexuality in Modernist Writing

The intrinsic relationship between gender and class in modernism explored by Forter: “The exchange of women serves not just gender but by class hierarchy, and does so by turning some women into those highly rarefied, immaterial “objects” whose passion secures their male owner’s class privilege” (2011 37). The basis of this essay hinges on a... Continue Reading →


White people need to stop writing ethnic stories

Historically, white creators look East to garner inspiration (acceptable) for their work. Here, I discuss why its inherently inauthentic to create work surrounding issues and lives that do not effect and are not culturally significant to white people and ultimately displays a sense of entitlement that echoes imperialism. Look, I’m not wholly, against the depiction... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why: The Good and The Bad

Narrated by Hannah Baker, who recently killed herself, the series follows Clay Jensen as he is left reeling when he receives tapes left by Hannah detailing 13 reasons why she took her life. Made as a long chain letter, that connects Clay, a shy and anxious boy who loved Hannah, with the other 12 reasons. Netflix... Continue Reading →

My issue with Tim Winton’s Breath

The rhetoric that women are either saints or temptresses is not anything new. However, in the 21st Century should we not be beyond the dangerous and toxic narrative that authors need to sentence their sexually active female characters to death. Throughout literary history we have seen modernist authors of privilege killing off their sex driven... Continue Reading →

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